We’re building a Tesla Rally Car. And it’s going to be awesome.

👆 into 👇

It’s our mission to compete with an EV in real stage rallies around the world.

Plus jump it and other rad stuff.

The truth is until electric vehicles can do really, really awesome things as well or better than gas cars they’re just not going to catch on with the wider public. There’s nothing cooler than stage rally so we’re building a Model 3 that can hang with the best of them around the world. Plus, we’re going to do some insane stunts with it along with the help of a few racing legends.

If you haven’t caught up on the project yet click here to view the launch video.

We’re also building a whole new kind of race team. And it stars you.

Rather than trying to get some big automaker to sponsor us we’re going to work directly for you. Yeah, that’s right. We’re giving you each a square inch on the Tesla Rally Car for whatever YOU want to put on it as our sponsor. (PG rules, come on). We’re open to sponsorship from brands, but we want this project to be mainly supported by our fans.

This new business model also means we’ll be making the kind of content you want to see, not what advertisers want you to see. And sharing the behind-the-scenes financials and results of the whole thing so you can run your own team!

Building a rally car is wildly expensive and that goes triple for an electric one. If you’d like to see this kind of work happen, join us as a sponsor so we can build this thing together.

As a radical sponsor of our team you’ll get:

A 1″ x 1″ image on the car for the whole season. Whatever you want.

Your name somewhere on the car.

A regular Patreon-only podcast where we dive deep into the specifics of the project.

A shop livestream of the build filmed in our Detroit studio.

A weird little physical gift about once a year.

Access to a chat community with other Tesla Rally Car sponsors.

We’re only adding new sponsors as we have room on the car. Once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Let’s do this.